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Saltillo Mission

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Rev. Benjamin Piovan
Parroquia San Miguel Arcángel
Avenida Central 4649 y Calle 44
Col. Vista Hermosa
Código Postal 25010 Saltillo, Coahuila Mexico

Fall 2011

Father Benny Piovan, the pastor of the Mississippi sponsored Mission in Saltillo, Mexico issued the following Emergency Appeal for support for the people of Mexico who are in dire need of help.

"My dear sisters and brothers in Christ: Greetings from the 40 ranchos and 8 very large subdivisions which are part of the Saltillo Mission which Padre Patrick Quinn established in 1969.

Here at San Miguel, we are still working to continue the work of the Saltillo Mission. However, the situation is getting even more critical due to the ever rising cost of living with the cost of the basic foods like rice, beans, eggs, flour, etc. To compound the problem in the rural communities is the two years of drought which has made it impossible to raise any crops like beans and corn.

Due to lack of rain (in some areas 15 months without a single drop) not only has there been no crop, but also their animals like goats and cattle have died.

The prospect for the winter is for the drought to continue and a harsh cold for months to come.

In some areas the temperature at night has dropped to 10 degrees centigrade and the winter is just beginning. Clothes and blankets are not enough to warm people who have little or nothing to put in their stomach to generate some natural heat.

In the name of your poor brothers and sisters of the Saltillo Mission I appeal for your help and generosity.

Fraternally yours in Christ,
Fr. "Benny" Benjamin Piovan
Pastor of San Miguel Arcangel
Avenida Central 4649 y Calle 44
Col. Vista Hermosa
Codigo Postal 25010
Saltillo, Mexico

Father Benny can be reached on email at: bennyinmex(@)
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